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Our staff enjoys creating new marketing ideas and reviews case studies that they individually discovered. We frequently invite our vendors to speak with our staff apprising us of their new products and services. We want you, our customer, to be the best in your industry. Information generates power. Power generates industry leadership.

At Yippee Print & Marketing, everything we do, think and learn is with you, our customer in mind. We view our relationship as a partnership that will help your business grow for years to come. We design, print, market and distribute anything and everything a company needs. Take a tour through our site to get a feel of how we can generate sales for your company and make your reputation shine. Our customers range from our local pizzeria to Fortune 500 companies. The pride, excitement and experience we have at Yippee shines through to you, our customer. YIPPEE helps you impress your clients!

We draw upon our extensive experience promoting small and medium size businesses, with literature, apparel, promotional items, web design, and art work. Our customers range from our local pizzeria to Fortune 500 companies. The pride, excitement and experience we have at Yippee shines through to you, our customer, and continues through to your customers.


At Yippee Print & Marketing, our mission is to "Present an ever expanding product line and award winning designs to help meet all of your needs in this new world of virtual media and competitive promotions."

However, we feel the need to simplify this explanation: while we perform the same cliques of every other company, we go the extra mile, we bend over backwards; we always put our customers first. Yippee staffers are truly excited about the daily innovative concepts that are implemented for our customers. We really do care about all of our clients, because, yes, when you look good, we look good. Our creative and energetic staff will work alongside every customer, whether on the phone, in person or on the web. We mesh out exactly who and what our customer is really about and what they want their clients to see them as. We get into the nitty gritty about who is your target market, what is the best approach to reach your audience, what products will really tie into your image and how can we create projects that will fall within your budget. What you might have done 6 months ago, might not be applicable now. We listen with open minds, ears and heart. We want you to become the next Nike, Pepsi, Microsoft or Yahoo of your industry and we will help you achieve that. But you expected all of that, right?

We also encourage our entire staff to attend various trade shows, industry seminars and participate in webinars. We regularly partner with our vendors to supply our staff with hands on training on new machinery and technology as well as introduce us to new products. We attend local seminars and keep in touch with industry experts on their ideas and experiences. We are also proud, active members of NJAWBO (New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners). All, so we can pass on up to date information, technology and educate you, our customer. We encourage our staff to volunteer their services, experiences and knowledge to share with their community.

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